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About Us

Our philosophy


Our algorithm optimises your deliverability. As 20% of legitimate email never gets to the inbox, it's a priority. The performance of your sending is our number one focus. All our functionalities reinforce your everyday efficiency.

Cloud Power

Inboxman has developed a unique proprietary technology which is conceived to leverage the cloud power. This allows us to offer an exceptional scalability: our capacity evolves as your needs change.

For Everyone

Inboxman is easy to install and easy to use. From the configuration to the sending, everything is simplified to the maximum. Our interface is intuitive and our Support Team is always by your side if needed.

The Best Value

Your needs come before our revenue. Our objective is very clear: we want to offer the best possible value, for all our clients, no matter the size. To guarantee this, check our prices: they are simple and transparent.

Meet the team


Chief Executive Officer

Sam's the one who takes the strategic decisions. Making decision on the new features to come!


Chief Commercial officer

Eric is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of Inboxman


Chief Marketing Officer

Nathan is responsible for the growth, sales and marketing strategy.


Chief Financial Officer

Fabien decides on what we should spend or not. He's also in charge of our Business Development.


Chief Legal Officer

Joakim oversees and identifies legal issues, spammers watch out for this guy!


Database Guru

Amine is the engineer that has an intimate knowledge of the structure and design of our databases.


Data Orchestrator

Pierre wastes time and energy finding, organizing, cleaning, sorting and moving data. He is our statistics technology.

Postmaster and Abuse Information

You can contact our abuse service if you received unsolicited email from our servers. Please make sure to include all headers of concerned email and/or all information that might help our team to identify the email and its sender.

Abuse service :