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Email delivery made simple

Use your own designs

Want to use your own email designs ? Import them with a single click and we'll automatically inline your CSS, host your images and show you how it looks in email clients.

On top of that, we’ll host all your images on our lightning-fast CDN at no additional cost so your email loads super fast

your design

Template builder

Create beautiful responsive campaign by using our drag and drop template builder. Quickly prepare a fully readable campaign ready to send in minutes.

Inline CSS

With the click of a mouse we'll move all your CSS inline for the best results in email clients

Usage liberty

We don't impose any design restrictions, and you won't find any ugly 'powered by' logos or branding either.

List management made easy

loading gears

Our mailing list manager handles the management of your subscribers. It handle bounces and mail returns, lookup blacklisted emails and address which does not respond. Our system handles classical issues and cases. We take care of the unsubscribe and subscribe management. We also provide tools for querying your lists in order to create and exports specific segments according to a set of criteria.

Update in browser

Need to make a quick tweak to your email design ? If you're comfortable with HTML, we make it easy to update any of your email code live in the browser, including syntax highlighting so it's easy to find what you're looking for.

your design